Welcome to the materials section of the MYSELF&EUROPE Project. Here you can download the information materials published to disseminate and promote the aims, activities and outputs of the MYSELF&EUROPE project.

Myself&Europe Curriculum

The main objectives of the research are:

· To identify current national frameworks addressing the five learning units identified (see above), totally or partially.

· To find synergies between other European Projects in Social Inclusion filed, Citizenship, Interculturalism, European Values, Early School Living, Entrepreneurship in Education and others; where similar / useful contents were developed and tested.

· To find online resources addressing the five learning units identified.

Myself&Europe Innovative Toolbox for trainers&teachers&youngsters

Innovative Methodologies/Approaches such as “Learning through social media”, “Learning from the crowd” or “Gamification”.

Myself&Europe Exploitation Guide

Will contain sustainability recommendations and guidelines for future implementation of the project outcomes.

Useful Resources

Lastest News


Myself&EU” project was held in October(1st-5th) in Latvia to complete a very important
part of its project – During three days trainers from each Myself&Europe consortium
countries have exchanged good practices and test Myself&Europe tools and methods. This
capacity building activity aimed to testing the new tools and acquiring new training skills
creating during the first year of the Project, during 2018.

Kick Off Meeting

Intense, active and great partnership in Myself & Europe Europen Project, Lisbon 29-30 November 2017.